Here are a few things you might be wondering.

  1. What equipment do you use?  You might be surprised to know that Heather shoots traditional film and uses older and often antique cameras. A camera is just a light box. A good photographer can take beautiful photographs with any camera. Heather chooses to shoot medium format film, because she loves the color profiles of traditional film. The process of shooting traditional film is more rewarding to her creative spirit, as well.
  2. If my pictures are shot on film, how do I get digital images? Heather outsources her film developing to companies like Indie Film Lab and The FIND Lab. These labs are excellent at what they do. They use some of the best scanners to convert the negatives into a high resolution digital format. 
  3. What is the turnaround? After your session, Heather will send your film to be processed. These labs can take up to two weeks for the files to be returned to Heather. Once she receives those, she will wrap up her edits within a few days and contact you to schedule your proofing session. 
  4. What should we wear? Heather guides you every step of the way. At your consultation, she will give you some tips, but the great thing about your consultation being in your home, you can show her some of your wardrobe, and she will even help you shop ideas online. 
  5. What if I have more questions? Just ask below, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have! 
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