Those of you that know me, know we recently had a precious little boy. He is just over 6 weeks old and we are so in love. I have been super lucky. My pregnancy was relatively easy. Toward the end, I was over not being able to touch my toes, but I had no complications. My delivery and recovery where pretty much a breeze. I labored at home for 15 hours before we finally went to the hospital. My contractions were 5 minutes and 16 seconds apart before I told my husband, Jeremy, that I was ready to go. I probably could have kept going as I handled those contractions like a champ, but lets be honest....there is no reason to be a hero when modern day drugs are available. That epidural was fabulous! He has been a great baby since we got home. Aside from those first few nights, he has slept wonderfully at night. He cries a little in the evenings, but that's really just what babies tend do. He is perfect in every way.

Nash is either going to love or hate having a photographer as a mommy. I really hope that he shows an interest, and it's something we can enjoy together. I'd love to show him how to use a camera, teach him about photography and film. It would be a shame for his generation to grow up knowing nothing but the digital world. I hope film can teach him things like being frugal, being patient and slowing down to do something right. All are important life lessons that film can help him to understand. 

I'm turning his first year into a photographic challenge: Take one black and white film photograph of him every week. At the end of his first year, I'll put together a book for us. I'm excited to take this journey and document this precious time in  his life. I got back my first roll of film for this project yesterday. This is one of the images that I fell in love with.

This is our week old baby after a sponge bath. I love his daddy's hands in this picture and how the light from the window shines through. 

NASH SPONGE BATH (1 of 1).jpg

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